Welcome Message

Using a welcome message for your number is a great way to greet callers, letting them know they've reached the right company.

A professional phone greeting is a great way to introduce your organisation and give your callers a memorable first impression.

When the call is answered the caller will instantly hear your recorded message greeting them.

You can use this greeting to introduce your business or make the caller aware of any special offers you're currently running.

08 Numbers Welcome Message / Announcement

Welcome Messages

There is no need to buy additional equipment to use our welcome message service because everything is handled within our intelligent network.

Welcome messages work seamlessly with auto attendant/ IVR, time of day routing and ring groups to help guide your callers to the right department.

Benefits of Welcome Messages

Your callers know who they've reached

Your callers instantly know they have got through to your business.

Get a message across

Reinforce your sales message or let callers know about special offers.

Extremely Flexible

Welcome Messages work with every phone system because there is no hardware or installation needed.

Reassure Callers

Welcome messages help reassure callers that their enquiry will be dealt with efficiently.