Call Whisper

Call Whisper is a feature that differentiates work related calls from personal calls by playing you a short recorded message before connecting the call.

Using a call whisper on your phone number ensures you maintain a professional image by telling you that you're receiving a work related call so you can greet the caller professionally or informally.

Call whispers are an ideal add-on if you are planning to use your personal mobile or home phone number as your destination number.

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Call Whispers

Call Whisper is a network based service and doesn't require a complicated installation.

This is an ideal tool to use in conjunction with additional numbers to monitor and track marketing activity. Receivers of the call will hear a recorded message letting them know which marketing activity generated the call.

Benefits of using a Call Whisper

Instantly identify incoming calls

You will be notified of the source of the call before being connected so you can answer it appropriately.

Eliminates the need for additional phone lines

You can use several call whispers to identify multiple services or businesses to one phone line.

Completely unobtrusive

During the call whisper playback your caller will only ever hear a ringing tone.

Create your own call whispers

When using a call whisper you can choose to use our default recording or create a bespoke recording.