Ring Groups

Ring groups (also known as hunt groups) are a great feature with lots of flexibility to handle calls.

Ring Groups let you set up overflow call systems where calls automatically try different destinations until a call is answered.

You can configure ring groups to call multiple phone extensions, external numbers or different company departments.

You can add voicemail to email to handle the call in the event all extensions or numbers are busy.

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Ring Groups

You can choose to configure your ring group with either of the following strategies.

Round Robin

This is where all the people or departments you configure are called at the same time. The first person to answer the call is connected and all other phones stop ringing.


This is where our intelligent network will try to call one person or department at a time until the call is answered.

Benefits of Ring Groups

Improve response rates

Ring multiple people and departments simultaneously.

Callers never hear an engaged tone

Utilising ring groups gives your callers more chance of speaking to a real person.

Handle calls efficiently

Have stricter control on how your incoming calls are handled.

Coincide with other great number features

Ring groups work well in conjunction with auto attendant/ IVR's and time of day routing.