Follow Me

Follow Me lets you direct calls to single or multiple phone numbers and have them ring all at once or one after the other

If you are a home worker or self employed, you might want to be easily contactable without having to log into your web based account to change your destination number everytime you leave your desk.

Calls can be directed to your home, office or mobile phone so calls will get to you no matter where you are.

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Follow Me

Configure your follow me to work with a time of day to have greater control of how contactable you are during certain times of the day.

Never miss a call again. Follow me is an absolute must for start up businesses or people on the move.

Benefits of Follow Me

Make it easier for callers to reach you

Give callers one number saving them the frustration of having to dial multiple numbers to reach you.

Low cost call routing

Benefit from competitive call forwarding charges to both UK landline and mobiles when using our follow me service.

Add additonal features to enhance your number

Follow me works well with additional services such as time of day routing and call whispers.

Keep your personal numbers private

Using a follow me service masks the numbers you route your calls to so your mobile, direct office line or even home number can stay private.