Fax to Email

A fax to email service enables you to receive faxes straight to your email account.

Standard fax systems require a separate landline, fax machine and consumables. Our fax to email service eliminates all of these costs which could save you over £200 a year and make your office environment greener by reducing your carbon foot print.

Our fax to email service gives you a business fax number to distribute to your clients. All faxes sent to this number are instantly and automatically sent as an email attachment ready for viewing.

With fax to email you can receive faxes when you are out of the office, no more rushing back to see if that major order has arrived!

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Fax to Email

Fax to email offers greater efficiency, enabling you to receive faxes anywhere in the world by email.

Faxes can be easily shared with colleagues by simply forwarding the fax email.

You can store faxes in computer directories or external storage keeping a permanent electronic copy of received faxes.

Benefits of Fax to Email

Environmentally friendly

No need to buy paper as all faxes are sent directly to your email inbox eliminating paper waste, ink related pollution and power consumption.

Better quality

The fax quality is greater than standard fax machines making it easier for you to read.

Reduce costs

No need to pay for addtional hardware or phone lines reducing the number of lines in your premises saving you money on line rental.

Increased security

Faxes go directly into a nominated email inbox so no faxes sitting in fax trays