Time of Day Routing

Now it's even easier to handle calls between certain times and days of the week

Time of day lets you preconfigure how you want calls to your phone number handled during certain times of the day.

When a call to your new phone number is made, our intelligent network will instantly and automatically lookup your account to see how you want the call handled.

Based on your requirements we will then route the call accordingly.

08 Numbers Time-of-Day Routing

Time of Day Routing

Time of Day Routing gives you flexible options over your inbound call handling.

You can configure incoming call flow patterns so that these calls are routed to particular locations during specific times and days of the week. You can set up an out of hours voicemail to handle calls when you are unavailable.

Time of day works extremely well when utilising other great number features.

Benefits of Time of Day Routing

Take control of your inbound call handling

Time of day routing puts you in control of exactly how incoming calls should be handled between specific times or days.

Works with other number features

You can configure your time of day routing to work seamlessly with other feautres such as ring groups, follow me and auto attendants.

No additional equipment needed

Time of day is handled at network level so there is no need for you to buy or maintain additional equipment.


Time of day routing gives you the ultimate flexibility on how to handle your calls, day or night.