Auto Attendant / IVR

Direct your callers through to the right department with an interactive Auto Attendant.

Auto attendants (also known as IVR's) help reduce unnecessary time taken up answering the phone to only transfer the call to the correct person or department.

When buying a phone number through 08 numbers, you have the option to add IVR functionality for a small set up fee and low monthly rental.

You can easily configure options that direct your callers to the right person by giving them a series of easy to understand instructions. Callers respond to your options be pressing the relevant number on their telephone keypad.

08 Numbers Auto Attendent / IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Auto Attendants / IVR

There is no need to buy additional equipment to use our Auto Attendant / IVR service. Everything is handled within our intelligent network.

When designing your call flow you can choose to have your menu options call a person’s extension, a specific department ring group, or even another auto attendant/ IVR offering further options for the caller to select from.

Benefits of Auto Attendants/ IVR's

Customers receive a professional greeting

Customers calling your phone number are greeted with a professional message letting them know they've reached the right place.

No need for a receptionist

There is no need to employ additional staff to answer calls. Instead calls are automatically answered and handled by your Auto Attendant/ IVR.


An IVR, Auto Attendant is felxible and can adapt to your business needs as your business grows.

Look and feel like a big business

Auto Attendants give your business a bigger perception to prospective clients.

Handle calls efficiently

Auto Attendants/ IVR reduce costs by handling your calls efficiently whilst reducing the amount of unanswered calls.

Handle routine calls

Set up options within your IVR/ Auto Attendant to handle calls that only need an automated response such as opening hours or directions to your business address.